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Grails Application Forge

    1. asset-pipeline
    2. events
    3. geb
    4. gsp
    5. hibernate4
    6. hibernate5
    7. json-views
    8. less-asset-pipeline
    9. markup-views
    10. mongodb
    11. neo4j
    12. rx-mongodb
OR Execute the following command
curl -O -d version=3.3.2


The Grails Application Forge includes an API which may be invoked using any http client, like curl for example.

Create An Application Using The Latest Release

curl -O

Create A Plugin Using The Latest Release

curl -O -d type=plugin

Specify A Grails Version

curl -O -d version=3.2.5

Specify A Grails Profile

curl -O -d profile=rest-api


A list of all available options will be returned if a request is sent to the application without any arguments.