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Grails Application Forge

    1. asset-pipeline
    2. events
    3. geb2
    4. gsp
    5. hibernate5
    6. json-views
    7. less-asset-pipeline
    8. markup-views
    9. mongodb
    10. neo4j
    11. rx-mongodb
OR Execute the following command
curl -O


The Grails Application Forge includes an API which may be invoked using any http client, like curl for example.

Create An Application Using The Latest Release

curl -O

Create A Plugin Using The Latest Release

curl -O -d type=plugin

Specify A Grails Version

curl -O -d version=5.0.0

Specify A Grails Profile

curl -O -d profile=rest-api


A list of all available options will be returned if a request is sent to the application without any arguments.



IntelliJ IDEA

IntelliJ IDEA has excellent support for Grails development. You can access the Grails App Forge functionality directly from the File → New → Project wizard.

Grails Application Forge in IntelliJ